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Quantum SDLT S4 internal Tape Drive

Quantum DLT S4

DLT-S4 Product Details Thanks to DLTSage, the DLT-S4 delivers exclusive monitoring, diagnostics and reporting for easy manageability of your data. In addition, DLTSage Tape Security makes the DLT-S4 the first tape product that protects data if the media is lost or stolen. Learn more about DLTSage. (more…)

Quantum SDLT600 DLT Tape Drive

Quantum SDLT 600

Brace yourself for the fastest super drive in the world!  The NEW SDLT 600.  Featuring an unprecedented 72 MB/s compressed transfer rate and a colossal 600 GB of compressed storage, there’s never been anything quite like it. The Quantum SDLT 600 boasts 600GB of compressed capacity and a blazing compressed transfer rate of 72MB/sec. It’s […]

Quantum SDLT320 internal DLT Tape Drive

Quantum SDLT 320

Overview The SDLT 320 represents a major advance in tape capacity and performance. It offers the lowest cost per GB of any other storage solution on the market and, as part of the DLTtape product family, enjoys the highest industry acceptance. (more…)

Quantum SDLT220 internal DLT Tape Drive and Media

Quantum SDLT220

Tabletop, embedded, and library versions of the Super DLTtape drives start at 220 GB of compressed storage capacity, 22 MB/s compressed sustained data transfer rate. (more…)