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IBM LTO5 Half Height TS2250 Ultrium Tape Drive

IBM LTO5 Half Height TS2250 Tape Drive

The IBM System Storage® TS2250 Tape Drive Express—the entry-level IBM System Storage tape product family offering—is the answer to growing storage requirements. Incorporating the latest generation of the industry-leading Linear Tape-Open® (LTO®) technology, the TS2250 Tape Drive is suited for handling backup, save and restore, and archival data storage needs with higher capacity and higher data transfer […]

IBM LTO4 Half Height External Ultrium Tape Drive

IBM LTO4 Half Height TS2240 Tape Drives

The IBM System Storage® TS2240 Tape Drive Express Model H4V—one of the entry-level IBM System Storage tape product family offerings—is the answer to growing storage requirements and shrinking backup windows. Incorporating the fourth generation of advanced Linear Tape-Open® (LTO®) technology, the TS2240 Tape Drive is suited for handling the backup, save and restore, and archival […]

IBM LTO5 TS2350 Full Height Tape Drive

IBM LTO5 / IBM Ultrium 5 Full Height Tape Drives

The IBM LTO5 System Storage® TS2350 Tape Drive Express—part of the entry-level IBM System Storage tape product family—supports these needs by leveraging the newest generation of Linear Tape-Open® (LTO) technology to help cost-effectively handle growing storage requirements. (more…)

Refurbished IBM LTO4 Drive and IBM LTO4 repair

Refurbished IBM LTO4 Ultrium Full Height and IBM LTO4 Repair

SQS Offer refurbished IBM LTO4 drives as well as an IBM LTO4 repair service.   The IBM System Storage TS2340 Tape Drive is a high-performance, high-capacity data-storage device that is designed to backup and restore open systems applications. It is the fourth generation in the Ultrium series of products, and is available with a Small Computer Systems […]

Quantum LTO5 Half Height LTO5 Drive

Quantum LTO5 Half Height

LTO-5 Product Details Quantum “Backup Ready” kit solutions allow you to go from box-to-backup in minutes with the highly reliable Quantum LTO-5 tape drive, world-class Backup Exec™ QuickStart software and durable Quantum media. “Backup Ready” solutions are cost-effective, easy to install and fully supported by Quantum. (more…)

HP DAT320i 160GB/320GB DDS DAT Drive

HP DAT 320

HP StorageWorks DAT drives are based on the Digital Data Storage (DDS) format. In fact, DAT is the most successful tape backup technology of all time with more than 18 million DAT drives shipped since its introduction in 1989, and with a current world-wide installed base of over 6 million drives. A number of vendors […]

HP Ultrium 3280 Internal SAS Tape Drive

HP Ultrium 3280 LTO5 Full height Internal SAS Tape Drive EH899A / 587237-001

Designed for midsized and enterprise markets the HP LTO Ultrium 5 Tape Drives set new standards for capacity, performance, manageability and security. Capable of data transfer rates up to 280 MB/sec, HP’s exclusive Data Rate Matching further optimizes performance by matching host system speed to keep drives streaming, thus enabling the fastest tape performance. (more…)