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Exabyte mammoth Internal

Exabyte Mammoth 8900 8mm Tape Drive

The Exabyte® Mammoth Tape Drive is a high-speed, high-capacity tape drive designed to meet the growing demands for data storage in such areas as enterprise-wide networks, data acquisition, image processing, video-on-demand, and multimedia. (more…)


Exabyte Eliant 820 8mm Tape drive

The Exabyte® Eliant 820™ is an enhanced 8mm digital helical-scan tape drive that is available as an internal model or table top model. The internal model is packaged in the industry standard, 5.25-inch half-high form factor and can be easily integrated into many platforms. (more…)

Exabyte Mammoth2 (M2) Internal

Exabyte Mammoth2 (M2) 8mm Tape Drive

The Exabyte® Mammoth-2 (M2TM) tape drive, is a high-speed, high-capacity tape drive ideally suited to meet the demanding requirements of the network server industry and the data-intensive applications in the health care, video, and banking industries. (more…)

Exabyte VXA-320 8mm Tape Drive

Exabyte VXA-320 8mm Tape Drive

The VXA-320 Packet Tape Drive, raises the bar for the level of protection and performance customers can expect for their investment. Built around the award-winning, disaster-tested packet technology, VXA-320 packet tape drives are the ideal choice for small and medium enterprises- offering up to 24MB/s* and 160/320GB (native/compressed) of data on a single tape. (more…)

Exabyte VXA-2 Internal

Exabyte VXA-2 8mm Tape Drive

Tandberg Data’s award-winning Technology enables VXA™ drives to read and write data on tape using digital packets, just like the internet. The VXA technology provides far superior restore integrity, exceptional transfer speeds and scalable capacity. With CheckAfter Write™ and 4 level Reed-Solomon Error Correction, VXA products are the only tape devices that are up to […]

VXA-1 Internal

Exabyte VXA-1 8mm Tape Drive

TheVXA-1 tape drive is designed for the storage and management of enterprise-wide, mission-critical data. The VXA-1 tape drive is capable of storing 33 gigabytes (GB) of native data on a 170-meter VXAtape and can transfer data at a sustained rate of 3 megabytes (MB) per second (native). (more…)

Exabyte VXA StorageLoader

Exabyte StorageLoader VXA-2

The StorageLoader VXA-2 offers a unique combination of capacity, data reliability, transfer speed and price for this class of automation products. In addition to its compact 1U, rack-mountable form factor, it offers a midrange feature set, including a barcode reader standard, random library operation and optional remote management. (more…)