Tape Drive Repairs UK News Round Up week beginning 9 October 2013

The world of [marketing] is ever changing. Here are some news items, articles and opinions which caught our eye over the last week.

Password security: How to protect your company from hackers http://buff.ly/18OMraE [interesting]

Seagate Central Review http://buff.ly/1acCAtk

Data storage: wandering into a digital desert http://buff.ly/19oMfQu [great article]

What is a Tape Library? Find out more info here http://buff.ly/H0rEb1

Tape Storage for the Big Data Era http://buff.ly/1asaJ8z

How to Leverage New Storage Strategies to Support Business Growth http://buff.ly/19UQTG2 [interesting]

Check out our Tape Drive Repair field service http://buff.ly/19bKu8C

Tape never died, it was just resting http://buff.ly/1asaFpg

So, that’s our industry news round up for this week – see you next time!

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