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Drive and product information about Tandberg Tape Drives

Tandberg SLR7 Internal Tape Drive

Tandberg SLR100 Tape Drive

For high end workstations, NetWare and Windows small business servers and Windows midrange computers the Tandberg SLR100 provides an affordable, highly reliable, high performance/- capacity solution providing future scalability and backward compatibility. (more…)

Tandberg SLR7 Internal Tape Drive

Tandberg SLR60 Tape Drive

Designed for ultimate price/performance and superior reliability the SLR60 offers up to 60GB* storage capacity and up to 28.8GB*/hr transfer rate. Combined with the large 8MB buffer, in-line data compression and «Auto Sense» transfer rate, the SLR60 offers the best performance in its class. (more…)

Tandberg SLR7 Internal Tape Drive

Tandberg SLR50 Tape Drive

The Tandberg SLR50 provides a no-worry, no-problem solution to all your requirements for high capacity, high speed, easy access to data, giving you world class performance in a drive that offers the highest reliability level of any storage medium. (more…)

Tandberg SLR7 Internal Tape Drive

Tandberg SLR7 Tape Drives

The Tandberg SLR7 is an affordable, highly reliable solution for professional workstations and small business servers. It provides future scalability and backward compatibility to the earlier SLR generations. (more…)

Tandberg SLR24 Tape drive

Tandberg SLR32 Tape Drive

The Tandberg SLR32 previously known as one version of the MLR1, offers Scalable Linear Recording with a 32Gb data storage capacity at transfer rates of up to 10.8Gb per hour.(assuming 2:1 data compression). (more…)

Tandberg SLR24 Tape drive

Tandberg SLR24 Tape Drive

The Tandberg SLR24 offers 24GB* capacity with up to 8.6GB*/hr transfer rate. Ideal for busy and fast growing small businesses utilizing typical office applications, databases, e-mail and print/file server. (more…)