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Quantum DAT72 Autoloader

Quantum DAT72 Autoloader

The DAT 72 drives combine established DAT technology, high-density recording and hardware data-compression capability along with Seagate’s proven computer-grade design to provide unmatched reliability and performance characteristics among DDS products. (more…)

HP DAT72x6i DDS Tape Drive

HP DAT 72×6

The HP StorageWorks DAT 72×6 tape autoloader is an ideal backup solution for small to medium companies with limited IT support or remote sites of larger companies. By reducing administrative tasks, the DAT 72×6 not only simplifies the backup process but reduces the risk of error as well. The autoloader includes a single tape drive […]

HP DAT72i DDS Tape Drive


The HP StorageWorks DAT 72 tape drive is the fifth generation of HP’s popular DDS tape drives, built on the success of four previous generations of DDS technology and providing unprecedented levels of capacity, reliability and cost of ownership. The DAT 72 delivers a capacity of 72 GB on a single data cartridge and a […]